Friday, January 23, 2009

The International Film Festival in Rotterdam

The 38th edition of The International Film Festival in Rotterdam will take place from January 21th through February 1, 2009.

The International Film Festival Rotterdam offers a quality selection of worldwide independent, innovative and experimental cinema and visual arts. Devoted to offering a platform to and actively supporting independent filmmaking from around the globe, The International Film Festival Rotterdam is the essential hub for discovering film talent and for catching the early buzz on many world and international premieres.

During twelve festival days, hundreds of filmmakers and other artists present their work to a large and devoted audience in 24 screening venues located within central Rotterdam. Up to 3,000 press and film industry representatives visit the festival to report on its buzz or to take part in CineMart, the largest co-production market for film projects.

Smafuglar (2 Birds) is a part of the Spectrum: Shorts 2009 at The 38th International Film Festival in Rotterdam.
"Short but sharp. Films shorter than 60 minutes from throughout the world are screened prior to long films or put together in collected programes. "


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